GreenRide is trialing in Exeter!

Sep 7, 2017

It is a great pleasure to announce that GreenRide has been selected as part of the Exeter City Futures accelerator inaugural cohort.

Exeter City Futures was set up in partnership with Exeter City Council to achieve the bold goal of making the region congestion free and energy independent by 2025.

Exeter has typical but extreme congestion problems. Exeter has three major train stations, an extensive public bus network with Park and Ride locations, and an award-winning cycle network. But a recent study showed Exeter also has the worst peak time car congestion in the country. Average speeds are just 4.6 mph and drivers spend 25% of driving time stuck in congestion. That’s 25 hours a year!

Exeter is therefore a perfect city for GreenRide’s launch and the potential is huge. GreenRide can remove 5%-10% of daily car journeys by increasing car occupancy rates from 1.1 to just 1.2.

Our on-demand car sharing app also means drivers can recover the cost of their urban journeys by sharing their empty car seats in real time. While passengers get a cheap travel option from their door – all at next to no effort by users. We want to make Exeter’s road travel more sustainable and transform lives and lifestyles. Affordable travel from the doorstep means the people of Exeter will have a viable alternative to car ownership, better accessibility to transport hubs and work/education opportunities.

“Exeter City Futures is excited to welcome GreenRide Sharing into our first accelerator cohort. We share the belief that achieving zero congestion means getting more people into less cars, and GreenRide’s app shows great potential to increase public transport accessibility and opportunities for citizens.” – Dr Liz O’Driscoll Head of Innovation at Exeter City Futures

Alexey Gusev