GreenRide @ Shell’s #makethefuture

Oct 7, 2017
GreenRide story

Last Thursday GreenRide attended Shell’s #makethefuture accelerator at the Olympic Stadium. Having won Shell’s LiveWireUK award last November, it was an honour to be invited and a truly enjoyable experience to partake in such a forward-thinking event.

The event allowed us to network with our peer Start Ups, universities, investors and established companies where we shared our innovative ideas to help reduce carbon emissions.

Humans are using more energy now than ever before. It is not up to anybody but ourselves to reduce such numbers. A way to stop or reduce global warming is to limit our CO2 emissions and other pollutants. For this to happen, innovation is required and Shell’s #MaketheFuture was a great forum to discuss innovative ideas.

Being able to share our thoughts with industry leaders expanded our views, refined ideas and reaffirmed our goal to help combat environmental degradation. We also had the opportunity of listening to great speakers, such as Mark Chapman, Engineering Director at the Bloodhound SCC team who are building a car (rocket with wheels??) that will attempt to set a 1000mph world land speed record.

With transport contributing up to 40% of energy usage in major cities it is an area of that we can’t afford to ignore. We believe the key is achieving efficiency through promoting shared mobility. More people in less cars reduces congestion and improve accessibility to affordable transport. Autonomous electric cars will be a step change but they will still emit up to 30% of a petrol car, due to braking relating pollution. Also simply replacing petrol cars with low occupancy driverless electric cars won’t reduce congestion. Only through a smart shared mobility model will autonomous electric cars reach their potential.

Martin Orme