Benefits of car sharing in Exeter for drivers, passengers and the environment

Save Money

Drivers recover up to 100% of their urban travel costs - that's an average of £3,000 a year! Earnings are tax free and does not require special insurance or licenses. 
Passengers pay public transport prices for door to door travel.


No need to advertise your journeys or long searching for suitable drivers - we do the hard work for you! Unlike other carpooling apps, using GreenRide is practically effortless. 
Drivers simply enter their destination when they drive and we match them with passengers going the same way now. Drivers even get in app satellite navigation to guide them

Reduce Road Congestion and Pollution in Exeter

With an average 1.1 people per car journey, Exeter’s only on-demand carsharing service is a great way to get more people in to fewer cars.  That means less congestion and cleaner Exeter air.