Why should I car share?

About Car Sharing

The average annual costs of running a car are c.£3000. Car sharing allows you to recover those costs and save money. It’s also a more green way to use your car, helping to ease congestion and pollution. Average car occupancy rates in UK are just 1.6 people per car. Fuller cars mean less cars on the road. Less cars mean less pollution. 1 in 4 London school children breathe air deemed to be poisonous so it’s something we really need to tackle urgently. It also lowers demand for parking spaces, and given that it’s estimated that 30% of traffic is caused by people looking for spaces, it’s another reason ride sharing can reduce congestion. It’s also a fun, sociable way of travelling!

GreenRide car sharing is cheap—roughly the same price as public transport. It can offer you direct door-to-door travel and can link your house to public transport. It’s a sociable way to travel and it’s a less crowded, hectic way of travelling than public transport.

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