What safety features are included in the GreenRide service?

Trust & Safety

Female only option: women can choose whether they only want to carshare with other women.

Nominated person: tell us your nominated person and we will let them know every time you car share. We will tell them who you are with and where you are going. We will also let them know when you have arrived.

Ratings: as a community, users give each other feedback so that you can see other people’s opinion of the person you are car sharing with.

Profile verification: we verify every user’s email and mobile number and also link their GreenRide account to their social media accounts.

Safe contact: we use a virtual number for users to contact each other through. Both drivers’ and passengers’ mobile numbers are kept private and hidden from each other.

Information Privacy: other users do not see the kind of information about you that you would want kept secret i.e. surname, home and work address, mobile number.

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