Congestion in Exeter is a big problem.

During the commuter period Exeter has the busiest roads in the UK. Average speeds are just 4.6mph and drivers spend 25% of driving time stuck in congestion.

Exeter drivers spend nearly 25 hours a year stuck in traffic. GreenRide can remove over 3,000 cars from Exeter's daily traffic by increasing occupancy rates from 1.1 to just 1.2.

Running costs for drivers in Exeter are around £3,000 a year. Drivers can recover all of this using the GreenRide app to share their empty car seats. Amounts received are based on mileage and GreenRide make sure no profit is being made by drivers. This is to ensure journeys are covered by existing insurance and are not taxable. For passengers, this means prices are comparable to public transport.

Exeter City Futures

GreenRide has been selected to be part of the inaugural Exeter City Futures start-up accelerator. Exeter City Futures has been started in partnership with Exeter City Council to develop solutions for energy use and congestion in the Greater Exeter area.

“"These young entrepreneurs are vital to the future of our economy, helping to drive growth, job creation and the innovation we need to keep the UK competitive.”
- Alina Khasabova, Enterprise Development Manager of Shell UK

Shell LiveWire

GreenRide are the winners of Shell's LiveWire award which focuses on innovative business ideas to help meet the energy and resource challenges of a growing population.

““Exeter City Futures is excited to welcome GreenRide Sharing into our first accelerator cohort. We share the belief that achieving zero congestion means getting more people into less cars, and GreenRide’s app shows great potential to increase public transport accessibility and opportunities for citizens.”
– Dr Liz O’Driscoll, Head of Innovation of Exeter City Futures